Meats and deli products

Our meat is carefully selected from the same producers who supply our restaurant. Then we go to work in our kitchens! All of our deli meats are homemade, including pastrami for the Reuben, 100% beef sausage for our hotdog, and our slow-cooked smoked pulled pork.

Chips and side dishes

Our smoked-salt chips are prepared fresh daily in our kitchens, as are our sauces – tartare, Russian, BBQ, mayo and harissa.

Most of our vegetables are sourced from small producers selected by Terroirs d’Avenir.

Bread and cheese

Our sandwich bread is supplied by the Terroirs d’Avenir bakery at the end of the street, and other artisan bakeries. And, just like the restaurant and wine bar, our cheeses are English and delivered by Neal’s Yard Dairy.

Coffee and breakfasts

From the FTG special blend created by Arbre à Café to our La Marzocco machine, raw milk from Beillevaire, homemade granola, and pastries specially crafted in the FTG kitchens, and also served in the restaurant and wine bar, nothing is left to chance!


FTG is dead, long live FTG !
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